New Book: Tattoo Art by Trudy Muller -
New Book: Tattoo Art

New Book: Tattoo Art

Born in Argentina at 1978, Trudy Muller reached Barcelona at 2003. With 10 years of experience being tattooer and 8 being the owner of his own studio (Blue Cat Tattoo), He brings us his version of the new traditional tattoo art. Trudy makes sober and elegant ilustrations, with the accurate amount of ornamentation to avoid overloadedness.

The palette which he uses with animals is bright, vibrant and full of life. But on the other hand, for human beings, he displays a totally different range of colors. The faces have a look like statues due to his use of the subdued greys and toasted tones. As counterpoint to stand out other elements of the composition, he inclines toward mustard yellows and carmine reds for the warm colors and turquoise blue or caribean Green for the cold dones.

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