Distributor: Sons of Gutenberg
Distributor: Sons of Gutenberg

Distributor: Sons of Gutenberg

The bookstore Sons of Gutenberg honour us being home of our publications. It’s located at the Street Ferlandina 32 of Raval neighborhood in Barcelona, near the Macba museum, Universitat square and Sant Antoni market.

Fort he ones that don’t know this place, we’ll tell you that is specialised in independent authors and publishers. There you can find 2nd hand poetry and literature books next to the most hard to find fanzines.

And it has more surprises inside. Not only an art gallery, with artworks on its walls, but also has the smallest thatre of the world.

Its owner, Adrià Rodríguez, is an active culture promoter and make happen a lot of activities.

If you are near downtown in Barcelona, is a must to see.

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