New Book: Trudy Muller vol.2
New Book: Trudy Muller vol.2

New Book: Trudy Muller vol.2

Second volume of color ilustrations and sketches from the newtraditional tattoer Trudy Muller.

This second instalment has 128 pages, 8 more than the previous one. The covers have been made with graphic cardboard of 300gr and golden filigrees and ornamentation at front, back and spine. For the interior paper, we choose a matt coated paper of 150gr to stand out the definition and the colors of the content.

Without leaving the themes of the previous volume, in this we find more quantity of human faces, a theme where Trudy Muller shines most. As well we will find animals and inanimated objects, in less pages but with more of them each.

We find a noticeable evolution in his styke and quality of his work in relation to his frist volume. His technique has become more personal, with sharpened lines and risky compositions but still able to keep balance. And above everything, the richness of the details and ornaments has increased significantly.

Also we find changes at the color scheme. This time we can see mostly earth tones, like ochre, sienna, browns, greys and burgundy, having a cold contrast with his typical jade green.

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