Nuevo Libro: Obnoxia
Nuevo Libro: Obnoxia

Nuevo Libro: Obnoxia

Obnoxia: from the Latin word Obnoxius ‘obliged, subject to’ Adjective: Exposed to contingency or danger.

Everything began with a small group of friends, Spanish tattoo artists and illustrators that had an idea: join forces and art in the form of book and all proceeds would be used to to alleviate the current compromised situation.

The project traveled by word of mouth and each time more and more artists from all over the peninsula joined, both anonymous and consecrated. Each and every single one of them was excited to send their work over to us, contributing their grain of salt. Soon we were overwhelmed with a total of 150 artists, among them tattoo artists, graffiti artists and illustrators. What began as an initiative between friends became something serious due to the quantity and quality of it’s authors.

We have made a memorable book-gem of more than 300 pages as an exceptional reminder of the unusual circumstances. A hardcover lined with black fabric, stamped in gold and with white graphic series. Using matte coated paper so the work of each artist can be shown at it’s best and a ribbon that will be sewn in, to create a bookmark.
The 150 artists have had full liberty to express themselves in two pages, their reflections, thoughts and experiences, each with their own particular style. On one page you will find a personal photograph, a brief written reflection and on the other an illustration that reflects reality according to each author.

We want to thank all who have collaborated on this project, artists from other media who have helped spread about the book. All help has is small and we want to be able to contribute as much as possible.

All profits from the sale of this book will be donated to help develop a vaccine against Covid-19 by the CSIC, which we hope will happen soon so that  we can end quarantine as soon as possible.

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