• Adriana Maluquer

    Adriana Maluquer is a catalan tattoo artist born in 1986 who studied Arts & Crafts at Barcelona College.Leer más

    03/29/2020 Artists
  • Ana Almagro

    Ana Almagro is a Catalan tattoo artist who began her career in 2014.Leer más

    03/29/1930 Artists
  • Didac Gonzalez

    Didac Gonzalez is a tattoo artist from the province of Barcelona currently working Romantic, his own Tattoo studio in Granollers.Leer más

    03/29/1925 Artists
  • Eneko

    He is a 29-year-old tattoo artist who came from San Sebastián to Barcelona, where his story began 8 years ago in a tattoo studio called BlueCat.Leer más

    03/29/1920 Artists
  • Kike Esteras

    Kike Esteras

    Kike Esteras is a Catalan tattoo artist who is defined by himself as an artisan.Leer más

    03/29/1915 Artists
  • Luca Cospito

    Working the black and white as an engrave, Luca deals with any picture. From Japanese monsters to masonry imagery, going through occultism or animals.Leer más

    04/12/1910 Artists
  • Pablo Sinalma

    In the traditional, with its inherent characteristic bold line and solid colors, we find the personal vision of Pablo, who contributes to it with its own palette.Leer más

    04/12/1905 Artists
  • Tentesion


    The BDSM photographer Agustín Tentesion started doing photography 25 years ago.Leer más

    06/02/1901 Artists
  • Trudy Muller

    Trudy Muller came from Argentina to Spain to working in animation. However, his path was directed towards the world of tattoos.Leer más

    03/29/1900 Artists