about us bbb

As the time goes by the ones with distanced tastes from the massified aesthetic canons become a minority.

Our environment overloads our senses with the same repeated images in a neverending rehash. Tired of the visual monotony offered by the everyday life, we look for shelter at the work of people who manage to break the quotidian.

Spreading non-processed culture is a healthy exercise to get away from the dogmatizing conventionalisms. Due to that, we publish peculiar thematics grown apart from the standardizing stream.

To take the most pleasure at the contemplation of those creations by atypical authors, we take care of their artworks binding them with the best materials and the finest finishing touches.

On the other hand we want to supply tools to the artistic community, because the best way to feed the creative process is offering to the artisans an extense library full of encouragement and inspiration.

And in order to avoid the death of the originality due to the excess of becoming known, we only make exclusive print runs of 666 exemplars.